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Beach Cottage Glenmore Revamp
This is one of the most dramatic revamps I have done in a while. The basic structure of this beach cottage the KZN South Coast remained the same but the interior had undergone a remarkable transformation. The Johannesburg owners approached me via my website then communicated via phone calls, and the rest is history.

My brief was to transform an ugly beach bungalow into something that would reflect the lush foliage outside and convey a relaxed, calm and yet upmarket atmosphere. As it is a holiday home the owners did not want to spend a great deal of money and so they set a tight budget.

We painted all the interior walls in a subtle stone shade and the dark exposed roof beams and ceiling as well as the brown internal doors and trims a fresh white. The floor was left as is to retain the rustic charm of the place.

New lighting was added to diffuse the light that only came from the centre of the ceiling in each room. The bathrooms and kitchen were gutted and revamped.

After sorting out all the hard stuff I could then concentrate on adding interest in each room. Client specifically did not want the usual blue/white seaside colour scheme, and I couldn't agree more! Using a simple colour scheme of mainly stone, white and green with some coral I added colour in every room and visual interest with the use of shells, mother-of-pearl mosaic mirrors, lamps, baskets, rugs and other small items.

The end result is a fun, modern space that has a definite identity, and reflects the scenery outside, is inviting and a real home away from home.   

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